Drive Grandma N. Ind. to W. Conn.

Hi I am looking to see if this would be an option to help me see my grandma more often. Traveling by air is really difficult for her (last time she flew she spent 24 hrs traveling, 12 hours stuck at O'Hare just 2 hours from home!) Trains are also too hard on her, to sleep over night on the train.

She has a reliable car. Silver Kia and is super hilarious and amazing company.

We would provide gas, hotel (if necessary) and fee (negotiable). I'm just trying to see if this is possible. Flights can run around $400-$500 so I want to keep to that round trip.

Available From: Sep 1, 2019
Available Until: Nov 21, 2019
Amount offered by Supplier to Transport the Vehicle: $51-$100
Destination (This is final destination/delivery for the transported vehicle ): Danbury, CT
Listing created Aug 21, 2019