2 cross country drivers from Cali-Mass. or anything in between

My husband and I are headed to the east coast, and would love to transport your car all or part of the way. Because of the weather, we'll be taking a more southernly route. Likely through AZ, NM, TX, AR, TN, KY, VA, DC, PA, NY, etc.
If you need your car driven to any of those states or anywhere in between, just let me know and we can see if it'll work out. We're very flexible and can get your vehicle there as quickly as you need since there's two of us.
We also have friends/family in a lot of those states, so we'd probably only need accommodation covered for 1 or 2 nights depending on how we swing it. We're only asking that you cover gas and any motels/airbnb's that we'd need along the way.
We are both really good drivers, clean records and great insurance. We can show you our record or any other proof you may need to bring you peace of mind.

Amount You are Requesting to Drive : Gas (negotiable)
Available From: Dec 20, 2019
Available Until: Dec 25, 2019
Destination (This is final destination/delivery for the transported vehicle ): Boston, MA
Listing created Aug 15, 2019