My husband I are going from Florida to Pennsylvania

We will be staying in Melbourne to visit relatives and would like to drive back up to Pennsylvania. We plan to leave Aug 24th and arrive between Aug 25th and 26th.
Neither of us smoke or use alcohol. We have PA driver's licences.
We love dogs, so if you need your dog to go with us that is Ok too.
Dog considerations:
We will walk him/her every 3-4 hours.
If we have a puppy, we'd want to stop for the night to let the puppy get some rest.
Doggy fee is negotiable. :D

Amount You are Requesting to Drive : To cover gas and expanses: $160-200 depending on the size of vehicle.
Available From: Aug 23, 2019
Available Until: Aug 26, 2019
Destination (This is final destination/delivery for the transported vehicle ): Pennsylvania/Maryland/New Jersey/Western NY State
Listing created Jul 29, 2019