Drive your vehicle from Cleveland, Oh to Miami, Fl

Non-smoking or drinking, Retired USAF Office & wife (retired school teacher) Perfect, spot-less safe-driving records. Would like to rent and have use of your vehicle in Cleveland from June 23 to July 6th then proceed south to Miami area....departing Cleveland on July 6th......and delivering your car or truck to you in Miami area.

ETA--Estimate arriving back in Miami about 9 or 10 July.

Our flight reservations have us arriving in Cleveland @ 5pm, June 23d. To avoid a rental car cost, request possibly could deliver your vehicle to us @ airport where we meet and hopefully establish a good business relationship.

We need the use of a vehicle (12-13 days while visiting family & old friends in Ohio.
On July 6th we will depart Cleveland via American Airlines or {hopefully} driving your vehicle to Miami and safely deliver your car to you-----
We're lets talk. Call Paul @ 305-253-3868 or my cell, 305-323-6692

Amount You are Requesting to Drive : No cost all the way to Miami from Cleveland.......est. about 1300 mi..
Available From: Jun 23, 2021
Available Until: Jul 6, 2021
Destination (This is final destination/delivery for the transported vehicle ): Miami-Dade County
Listing created May 13, 2021