Willing to drive your vehicle from Chicago to anywhere!

Hey! Willing to drive your car/truck or any other automobile to pretty much anywhere in the USA. I am 24 year old Polish male who does junk hauling and construction and am on the road most of the time all year. Have driven across the USA from Chicago to Seattle, Chicago to NYC, Chicago to Tennessee etc. Also have successfully deliver a different clients car from Chicago to NYC with great time and responsibility. Have a spot free drivers record and have insurance as well. No issues with driving through mountains and hazardous conditions whatsoever. No issues driving any sort of vehicle. Non drinker and smoker. So if you would like to hire me then please do shoot a message and will do my best to reply promptly! 3126134127

Amount You are Requesting to Drive : 300-600
Available From: Sep 21, 2020
Available Until: Sep 21, 2021
Destination (This is final destination/delivery for the transported vehicle ): California?
Listing created Sep 21, 2020